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Get a free webkinz pet code, by clicking the redeem button above. When you click the redeem button, your webkinz code should appear, and all you will have to do is take the code to the adoption center to get a free pet. But what pet will you get? Will you get a dog or a monkey? Maybe you'll even get a dragon? This is all part of the surprise by clicking the redeem button to get your free webkinz pet code.

When you use your free webkinz code, you will be given a random webkinz pet. Other than having a new webkinz to play with, you'll also get that pet's special item. These can only be found through registering a pet or through trading them in the webkinz trading room, so by using the redeem button to get your free webkinz code you'll not only be getting a webkinz pet to play with, but you'll also be getting a cool item to put in one of your rooms.

You're allowed to use the redeem button as many times as you want, so you can get as many free webkinz codes as you want too. That means the more times you try, the more likely you'll be able to find a super cool pet that no-one else has. So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself another webkinz right now by redeeming your free webkinz code.

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